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What People Are Saying About OptionHacker

Dear Andrew,
I wanted to write you to express my gratitude in finding your service and the great strides I have made financial by following your methods. I am quite a bit older then you and have been trading the markets since 1994. I graduate from Wharton in 1986 with an accounting degree, but most of what I know about options and the markets is self taught. I made a substantial amount of monies in the late 1990's, which I believe anyone could do on a short term bases. But having tried almost every news letter and trading room know to the financial markets I have finally found a home with your site. I have taken approximately 14k and turned into over 50k in less then a month following most of your recommendations. Although, I am not without my own ideas and occasional positioning myself differently then some of the recommendation, your process using OPTION HACKER is the BEST I have ever seen. Keep up the good work and you can count on me being a loyal member.

Thank you for the time and attention to this matter
William H.


Thanks for making OptionHacker available, I have strictly day-traded stocks for quick moves once the alert hits. So far so good, this has been very successful.

Eric H.


OptionHacker is something I have always wanted but never thought I could afford.
Information like this usually costs much more.

OptionHacker passes the huge edge and advantage big traders have over to smaller traders like us.

We now have the information we need at the right time to make great trades.

This tool has improved my trading success greatly.
Thank you so much Option Hacker!

Hank S.


I believe one of the best ways to trade is to follow the big institutional traders, if they buy or sell something I want to follow them.

With OptionHacker I can now see if a big player is buying a lot of calls or puts and that helps me either to go into the market or sell my open position.

When I have a calls and I see a lot of puts being bought for that stock I know that it is a good time to go out of my trade.

Ramon Van M.


In the first week of my trial on OptionHacker, I constantly watched it produce winning trades at about a 70% rate. I did take a few trades which were all profitable. I will continue my subscription. It filters out a lot noise which will make you trade less but you will make better trades. It is a great tool to incorporate into your trading.

Don S.


Following real time institutional order flow using OptionHacker produced over a 20% gain in profits within my first three hours of trial use. The profits have already paid for the subscription.



Unusual Options Activity and OptionHacker are awesome, the trade that came across in Dresser-Rand Group (DRC) a while back made me 10 times the money I invested. I bought 30 contracts for $0.60 on average and sold them for $6.00. I made over $15,000 in one trade! I look forward to using option hacker to trade more of this type of activity. I’m so happy with this.