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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Even w/ lower USD- Stocks ES, Gold GC, & Oil CL can’t catch BID. *Today’s Trash, Tomorrow’s Treasure?

28 September, 2015
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Here we are in another sea of red— not literally but as I look across the board and scroll through my twitter feed, texts, and emails… the theme is PANIC, SELL, OFFER… I just don’t get why… that being said, it doesn’t matter what happened, or why, — *where are we going next, and how […]

Gold (at one month highs) and Platinum shine again: Cornering $GC_F into expiration!

25 September, 2015
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Today was one of those days where the metals became a safe haven as uncertainty had stocks and the USD on the edge. I have been staring at Palladium and Platinum as this Volkswagen headline coinciding with 5-6 year lows in Platinum had the precious metals “in the news”. I knew this would create something, […]

Crude Oil $CL_F : Buy the rumor, sell the news!

23 September, 2015
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A lot of people asking me (surprised) today “Why did Crude Oil sell off?” — My answer, half jokingly, quoting Gordon Gekko — “Because it was wreck-able!” …What I mean by this is, IMO: it almost seemed like everything was aligned for Crude Oil to continue its climb higher, and everything seeming so perfect meant, […]

While OIL settled up +$2 (+4.48%) CL @ 46.68 — King USDollar takes more Kool-Aid bids

22 September, 2015
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Today we had a classic pairing or “retracement” of the losses on Friday — at least for Crude Oil. Looking at CL from the fall on Friday — there was plenty of opportunity to get long and establish a counter position, (getting ready for the bounce back we saw take place into the settlement). I […]

FOMC into Quadruple Witching =’s VOLATILITY …now time for the weekend!

18 September, 2015
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Could there be any more volatility in this market? I mean I don’t even think the swings in the VIX are justifying how much volatility there is, and I am not just talking about in the ES. It feels like every Friday continues to be more and more epic… but this being a Quadruple Witching […]

CL > 47 = Good Session! BUT, “I left money on the table”

17 September, 2015
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So— Again— we see that “numbers don’t lie, people do”. Both the API and EIA were drawdowns and now that the data confirmed what the price had been trying to do (again) we squeezed. This is not only significant because we have front month options (for October) coming off the board today, but we also […]

FOMC imminent, not eminent. *Still focused on Crude Oil.

16 September, 2015
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‘Twas almost the night before Yellen… BUT it is the start of the overly anticipated FOMC meeting… and I don’t care what they are about to do. Because I don’t know what it will mean or do to markets, and neither do you. Anyways, I am still focused on Crude Oil, and just treating it […]

How & Why: I trade the Spoos using Weeklies — $ES_F

12 September, 2015
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Well — the Spoos were able to rally out into the end of the day — and to end the week. If you missed the end of the trading session — you missed the final leg up and HOD for the session in the Spoos (ES). The title gives away todays “trading blog”… I trade […]

Paying to PLAY! Why I pay for PUTS!

9 September, 2015
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Continuing on the conversation from yesterday’s post — The key is to ensure that you can set-up your risk in order to stay in your trade (long enough to validate your conviction)… That being said, if you are a retail trader (and most of us are), being long, long anything — You were tested today. […]

Let the MARKET work for YOU.

8 September, 2015
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Too often people out trade / over trade themselves — and usually into losses… It’s not the market that beats them, its themselves! I have learned that myself in the past, but I am borrowing knowledge from Jesse Livermore as he is quoted in his unofficial biography Reminiscence of a Stock Operator. “The reason is […]